Our Company

The Profiling Company is developing individual customer relationship management solutions to organize and control your customer relations and communication since 1997. Our goal is simple: Enable customer dialogue!

Our Philosophy

Success is no coincidence in dialogue marketing. Success is determined by the engagement and skill of those who develop and maintain dialogue marketing.

The central pillar of our philosophy is therefore the partnership with our clients: it is important to understand our clients and their methods by listening and asking. In short: We build a relationship with our clients that enables for uncomplicated and fast communication.

The basis for our method is our understanding of CRM: We view customer relationship management (CRM) as a holistic management concept, which includes all market and customer processes. We especially focus on managing of communication processes.

What can we offer your company? CRM with The Profiling Company means the targeted and efficient management of customer relations. Our approach consists of the integrated use of technology, software, and our employee's skill.