We operate separate websites for each of our core competencies, which describe our services in detail.

Template Industries

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Email marketing is a solid craft. There are many ways to make mistakes. With poor craftsmanship, the best-case scenario I can achieve is the effect of "well-intentioned, but poorly executed marketing". We know what needs to be done to ensure your emails are delivered, look the way they should on all programmes /apps and devices, meet your customers' needs, capture their attention, and serve the legalities.

QWAPP District

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QWAPP District is the app for a municipality or a district. Within a district, the web app provides information on current commercial and retail offers, events, places of interest, the location of the nearest DEFI, the nearest public toilet, the public transport offer - with timetable - and much more.


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APPs for me. APPs for companies. APPs for everyone and everything. This is QWAPP.

Additional offering for our customers

As a company whose primary business is managing of relationships it is utmost importance for us to take the maxim of relationship orientation to heart in our service provision as well. At The Profiling Company, customers are not primarily those who pay our bills, but partners whom we need so that we can achieve the best possible result for our customers.


We do not see ourselves as a classic consulting company, but instead focused on topics in which we have gained experience over many years and which belong to our core competencies. Our consulting is very much oriented towards specific content. We don't "know better" than you, but we combine your skills with ours in a way that benefits you. The topics on which we are happy to advise you on include:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign management
  • Integrated communication models
  • Change management projects
  • Digitalisation of communication and much more

Participation platforms

The participation of citizens in opinion-forming, decision-making and substantive discourse is becoming increasingly important. Regardless of whether these are parties or associations, people don't just want to be represented, they want to be part of it. Incidentally, this also applies to companies or other organizations. We help you to build and operate the right infrastructure consisting of systems, processes and competencies. What we cannot do is to formulate your message and content - but you can!

Web apps as contract work

The turn of phrase "There's an app for everything" certainly has a dull overtone. That shouldn't stop you from considering whether the mobile web is an important environment for you. From our point of view, that is not a decision companies or organizations make, it is one their customers make - and most already have. We would be happy to help you to develop your own app!